Commerce Bug 2

Commerce Bug is a development and debugging extension for the Magento platform. It's the must have extension for any developer, designer, or IT professional programming and configuring the Magento Ecommerce system.

The Must Have Developer Extension

At a cost that's a fraction of a billable hour, Commerce Bug provides vital information about the system for each page/request that will save you hours every day you’re working with Magento. Commerce Bug 1 gave you instance access to

  • The request's controller and action name
  • Each instantiated Model, along with its location on the file system
  • A list of each Block and phtml template pair
  • All layout handles in use on a particular page
  • Grouped class name look-up
  • Instant access to a clear-cache button

Commerce Bug Two delivers the features our users demanded, including

  • Information about non-standard Magento blocks and models

  • An Event and Observers Tab

  • Graphviz .dot renders of block hierarchies

  • Ajax search of all class tables

  • Toggles for Template Path Hints and logging

  • Simplified configuration pane

  • Available as a Magento Connect package

  • A full manual, available online in HTML, ePub, and MOBI format

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