Product Support F.A.Q.

A list of support questions and answers for Pulse Storm products. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.

While it's Pulse Storm policy not to comment on new features, rest assured we're always working on improving our products to meet the needs of our current and future users.

1. Why is Commerce Bug's system configuration section a 404 page?

Solution: Log out of the Admin, clear you browser session, and log back in.

Cause: When a developer sets up a new system configuration section, they're required to create a new Access Control List (ACL) role for the section.

Magento itself will cache an admin user's ACL permissions in the user session object. This means immediately after installing an extension, a user account will not have the new ACL role cached in their session. Clearing out your cached session will fix this problem.

2. I just installed Commerce Bug and there's no debug menu, even though the module is installed

Solution: Turn on the "Allow Symlinks" feature using the following instructions. If that doesn't work, please contact us and we'll get you up and running in no time.

Cause: Versions of Magento based on the 1.6 codebase have tightened up where phtml templates may be stored. In addition to preventing module developers from storing templates with their module, it also prevents users from using a symlinked template folder, and as such Magento has named the configuration toggle "Allow Symlinks".

As a reminder, running any debugging extension or leaving this configuration setting turned on in a production system is not supported or recommended.

Other Symptoms

You'll may see the following in your log files. It's related.

CRIT (2): Not valid script

Where can I download the latest version of Commerce Bug, or any Pulse Storm product?

Just use the original URL that was emailed to you after purchase. If this email was eaten by your spam filter, please contact support with your order information and we'll get you a new link ASAP.